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SPA treatments

Looking for relaxation, tranquillity, energy

Are you looking for relaxation, inner peace and harmony, and needing new energy? You will find just what you need in our spa area. Close your eyes, let your thoughts flow and let yourself be pampered. Our personnel will be happy to offer you individual consultations.

Purifying facial (50 min.)
Cleansing, peeling, herb steam treatment, deep cleansing, masque, final care.
€ 75,00
Classic facial (80 min.)
Cleansing, peeling, eyebrow shaping, deep cleansing with an ampoule, massage, masque, final care.
Bioenergetic facial (about 85 min.) with a modelling masque
After the bioenergetic vacuum drainage by cupping, the lightening and modellinig masque made with grape-seed extract, vitamin C and fruit acids will give your complexion a new shine and smoothness.
€ 123,00
Expressions - natural lifting treatment (about 85 min.)
A natural beauty programme to reduce wrinkles due to facial expressions and dryness. A revolutionary active ingredient smooths and firms your skin and supports natural cellular renewal for results that are visible right away.
€ 111,00

THE SUPER-SPECIAL NOVELTY FROM PIROCHÈ COSMETIQUES.... ist the NOESIS line, a revitalising moisture and vitamin cocktail for natural beauty.

NOESIS facial (50 min.)
The Noesis-vitamin-concept-line from Pirochè Cosmétiques protects your skin from environmental damage, thus preventing signs of early aging. At the same time, vitamins will provide your skin with important nourishment, which is what it needs to keep looking youthful. This stimulates the natural defences of the skin and supports the build-up of collagen fibres.

€ 80,00
For the men in our lives
Bioenergetic facial for MEN (50 min.)
Energy-balancing essential oils are selected, after a careful skin assessment, targeted to the needs of male skin. Toxins are drained out of the facial tissue, strengthening and relaxing the facial muscles. A regenerating and activating intensive care programme for male skin.
€ 80,00
Body treatments

Beauty, well-being, vitality and inner balance all go together and the secret of natural beauty is linked to our vital energy, the Qi. Feelings such as happiness, fear, stress or pain influence our daily life, our well-being and our inner balance. If we are thrown out of balance, if our energy flow is disturbed or blocked, it shows with malaise, illness, allergies, mental illness or problem skin.

Body scrub with sea salt and aromatic oils (20 min.)
Dead skin cells are scrubbed off by the salt during the massage, while the essential oil supplies the skin is supplied with moisture and nourishment.
€ 48,00
Brush scrub with body pack (45 min.)
Special brushes are used to scrub dead skin cells away. Your skin is silky soft and circulation through the underlying tissues is stimulated. Combine this scrub with a body pack of your choice.
€ 86,00
Coffee Scrub (20 min.)
€ 48,00
Single services
Eyelashes - colour € 20,00
Eyebrows - colour € 18,00
Eyelashes and eyebrows - colour € 34,00
Eyebrow shaping € 18,00
Eyebrow shaping and colour € 30,00
Comfort for your hands and feet
Manicure with polish € 48,00
Manicure without polish € 43,00
Pedicure with herbal footbath and polish € 59,00
Pedicure without polish € 50,00
Hands or feet scrub and pack € 38,00
Off with it... Body hair removal
Lower or upper leg € 32,00
Whole leg € 44,00
Bikini € 18,00
Chest or back € 34,00
Arms € 26,00
Underarms € 19,00
Chin or upper lip € 12,00
Body packs

Enjoy the feeling of our soft-pack bed - like floating in water. Creme oil packs and aromatic oils work their magic. We recommend combining this treatment with a scrub or massage.

Cleopatra body pack (30 min.)
This rich mixture of milk, honey and essential oils nourishes your skin and makes it silky soft.
€ 60,00
Mud body pack (30 min.)
A mud pack is good for your entire body, inside and out. It stimulates circulation, relieves pain and relaxes your muscles. Rest on our water bed while you relax and recharge.
€ 60,00
Primrose oil body pack (30 min.)
High-quality primrose oil makes your skin velvety and soft. This oil is highly moisturising and the treatment is excellent for dry and irritated skin.
€ 60,00
Thalasso seaweed wrap  (30 min.)
Seaweed has a toning, detoxifying and activating effect. It provides the skin with minerals and trace elements such as calcium, magnesium, iodine and iron and improves one's silhouette.
€ 60,00
Alto Adige flowering hay bath (30 min.)
Lying in the moist, warm hay on our waterbeds you can recharge your batteries and feel at peace with the world. The hay improves circulation, relaxes muscles and stimulates the immune system.
€ 60,00
Wild thyme and Swiss pine body pack (30 min.)
Wild thyme stimulates the skin's metabolic activity, strengthens the nerves and improves skin circulation. Combined with the balancing effect of Swiss pine on circulation and general well-being, this health pack will improve not only your breathing but your nerves as well.
€ 60,00
Alpine mud and mountain pine body pack (30 min.)
Mountain pine smells especially "Alpine" and combined with natural and fine-grained sediments, supports skin detoxification and has an energizing, invigorating effect. It is the basis for beautiful, healthy skin.
€ 60,00
Vitalis Alpine Special body pack
Vitalis hay bath with massage (50 min.)
After a Kneipp-style footbath and a glass of herb tea, you can lie on a warm water bed, covered with hay from the local alms, which has a relaxing effect. A partial massage will get rid of any residual tension. This treatment is especially advisable in case of stress and tense muscles.
€ 84,00
Well-being for body, spirit and soul
Classic full-body massage (50 min.) € 62,00
Partial massage (back or legs) (25 min.) € 40,00
Head and neck massage (25 min.) € 40,00
Facial massage (25 min.) € 40,00
Leg and foot massage (45 min.) € 59,00
Lymph drainage (45 min.) € 59,00
Bioenergetic massage (with cupping, 50 min.) € 80,00
Hot stone massage (50 min.)
This is a deep relaxation massage with warm basalt stones and high-quality essential oils.
€ 87,00
Brush massage (45 min.) € 58,00
Alpine special massages

Hay flowers and juniper
Hay flower and juniper extracts relax and strengthen your body. Discover the pleasure of an Alpine massage and recharge your batteries.

Mountain pine and Pinus Sylvestris
Mountain pine and Pino Sylvestris purify and detoxify your body. This great-smelling Alpine massage helps circulation, strengthens and gives you a healthy complexion.

Apple and rosehip
Apple and rosehip are especially good for more mature skin. This Alpine beauty massage gives your ski elasticity and new freshness.

Partial massage (25 min.) € 44,00
Full-body massage (50 min.) € 68,00

Deluxe aromatherapy massages

New: anti-oxidant effect and neuro-cosmesis to protect your skin. The key to your well-being lies in the essential oils that emphasize the aromatherapeutic effect of he massage on the skin and on your senses.

You can choose among:
Armonia - For peace and quiet
Vitalità - recharge your batteries
Equilibrio - Inner Balance

Partial massage (25 min.) € 45,00
Full-body massage (50 min.) € 68,00


Ayurveda comes from India and is a holistic concept of long, healthy life. Body, spirit and soul are the three pillars. Warm oils relax body and soul, care for your skin and hair and calm your spirit.

Ayurvedic facial (50 min.)
Cleansing and masque with intense face-head-neck massage with natural products.
€ 91,00
Abhyanga full-body massage (50 min.) € 85,00
Upanaha (back massage) (25 min.)
€ 45,00
Padabhyanga (foot massage) (25 min.) € 45,00
Garshan (25 Min)
Special gloves made of natural fibres are used to scrub dead skin cells away. This invigorates lymph and blood circulation and stimulates the tissues. Garshan is a particularly effective treatment when combined with a full-body massage.
€ 45,00
Pamper-me day
1 classic facial (80 min.)
1 body pack of your choice
1 manicure with polish
€ 194,00

Carpe Diem - Anti-stress
1 deluxe aromatic oil massage (50 min.)
1 facial (50 min.)
1 body pack of your choice
1 manicure with polish
1 pedicure with herbal footbath and polish

€ 278,00

Ayurveda day
1 Abhyanga (full-body massage)
1 Garshan (with silk gloves)
1 Ayurvedic facial

€ 206,00

You and Me
2 facials (50 min.)
2 partial massages
2 body packs of your choice

€ 316,00
Trial relax package
1 facial (50 min.)
1 manicure
1 Alpine special massage (50 min.)
1 body scrub
€ 217,00
Deluxe Massage package
1 deluxe aromatic oil massage (50 min.)
1 bioenergetic massage with cupping or sports massage (50 min.)
1 Hot stone massage (50 min.)
1 Abhyanga full-body massage (50 min.)
€ 297,00
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