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So refreshing

Dive into coolness...inside or out: our hotel with its pools in Dorf Tirol is ready to welcome you! Drift, float, duck under and fill up on strength and energy. And those who like it hot can head for the saunas.

An indoor pool full of light

approximately 15 x 5 m - the water temperature is 28-30°C
Lovely warm water surrounds your body. The large front windows draw your gaze outwards to the sun-lawn and the shining blue sky. You will love our indoor pool with its counter-current unit, massage whirlpool and waterfall.

Outdoor pool with the panoramic view

approximately 19,5 m x 7,5 m
Enjoy a swim in the outdoor pool with the panoramic view as well. The outdoor swimming pool of our hotel with its pools in Dorf Tirol is just as inviting as the inside. And smaller water lovers will be delighted with their own small pool.

2 hot fresh water whirlpools

Floating weightless in the water - now that is the true lightness of being. Bubble, bubble...no toil, no trouble! in the Jacuzzis at 37°C.

Some like it hot...to the saunas!

Sweat it all out! The Finnish sauna, the steam bath and the infra-red booth will warm you up. There are more saunas for your use in our sister hotel, the Ruipacherhof, 500 m away.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Extra pleasure

A holiday in the Hotel Rimmele✶✶✶✶s offers you more than one wellness world: you get two. Our guests are free to use the pools and saunas of our sister hotel, the Ruipacherhof.

Our wellness offers for you:

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