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Active holidays in Alto Adige

Discover your desire to move

Mountains, alms, vineyards and orchards, as far as the eye can see. Discover your desire to move in the lovely landscape around Dorf Tirol. Being active keeps your mind clear and keeps you looking good!

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Wandering about

On the trail with hiking boots, rucksack and walking shoes: You've only really been somewhere, if you went there on foot. You'll feel it.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Bike fun

Discover the surrounding areas on two wheels! Electric bikes are allowed, of course. On a mountainbike, you can ride into the Gruppo di Tessa nature park, up to the alms and higher up. The Via Claudia Augusta will lead you comfortably into the valley.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Water fun

Our own pools will cool you down. And you can dive into the swimming pool in Dorf Tirol, at the Thermae in Merano and the natural lakes in Alto Adige.

Tennis: Game, Set and Match!

For 1 hour a day, you can play free of charge on the artificial grass and quartz sand courts of our sister hotel the Ruipacherhof (500 m away). Tennis lessons and floodlights are available on reservation and require a fee.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Nordic Walking

Walking with two sticks. Nordic Walking isn't just fun, it works almost all the muscles in your body. We will be happy to lend you sticks and a heart frequency monitor.

Hotel Dorf Tirol


Earthly joys on the back of a horse: there are riding stables in Avelengo/Hafling, Meltina/Mölten, S. Genesio/Jenesien and Merano. We occasionally also take groups to our farmhouse at the Gampenpass: And there you will also find horses, llamas and donkeys.

Hotel Dorf Tirol


See the Burgrave, or the region around Merano, from on high! Every day if the weather is right for flying, from the Hochmuth or the Hirzer. We will be happy to advise you.

Hotel Dorf Tirol


Enjoy some vertical fun in the Tessa mountain group, the Ötztaler Alps or the waterfall in Partschins. Climbing and hochseiling gardens invite you in to have some fun.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Tighttrope gardens

These are fun for the whole family. Balancing over swinging bridges, pulling oneself up on ropes and cables, getting over obstacles. You have to be brave and get over your fear of heights and dizziness.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Canoeing, rafting, riverboating

Zooming down the river, on the Passirio and the Adige!

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