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Holidays on Merano's sun terrace

Holidaying in Alto Adige is like holidaying in Heaven: 300 days of sun a year, idyllic surroundings with castles, manors, orchards and vineyards, an enchanting view of the spa city of Merano and the Venosta valley, heavenly peace and quiet and a luxurious holiday home at the Hotel Rimmele✶✶✶✶s.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Mountain air, city flair

A holiday in Dorf Tirol is a delightful combination of mountains and city, Alpine landscape and Mediterranean flair: Dorf Tirol lies within the Tessa Nature Park and yet is only 6 km away from the spa city of Merano. Whether you are walking in the mountains or strolling in the city: every day of your holiday in Dorf Tirol is special!

Lovely! At any time of year

The glory of the apple blossoms makes a Spring holiday in Dorf Tirol into a unique experience. Warm sunshine, wonderful mountain weather and refreshing water play are our Summer attractions. In the Fall you will be enchanted by the bright and changing colours of the woods and ripening fruits in the apple orchards and terraced vineyards. Holidaying in Dorf Tirol is fun the whole year round!

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Tips for your holiday in Dorf Tirol:

Hotel Dorf Tirol

The Castle - Schloss Tirol

Not far from the panoramic Hotel Rimmele✶✶✶✶s stands Schloss Tirol, the former house of the counts of Tyrol and the birthplace of the region of Tyrol. Today, the castle holds the museum of regional culture and history.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Eagles, Vultures, Falcons, Owls

Look the most beautiful and powerful birds of prey in the eye and look over the shoulders of expert falconers. The wild bird recovery and rescue centre near Schloss Tirol takes care of injured birds, who are then set free. Daily flying shows bring the world of these powerful birds much closer.

Hotel Dorf Tirol


The Muthöfe are historic farms above Dorf Tirol. They were mentioned in historical documents as far back as the Middle Ages. Now, the Muthöfe farms are a beloved destination for trips and walks. The Hochmuth cable car will bring you up from Dorf Tirol in barely five minutes.

Hotel Dorf Tirol

Meraner Höhenweg & Sopranes Lakes

Expert walkers won't want to miss the Via Alta di Merano or Meraner Höhenweg, a higher-altitude walking route. It is considered one of the most beautiful walking loops in Alto Adige and it leads to the enchanting Sopranes Lakes You will love the fauna, the flora and the view!

Hotel Dorf Tirol

The irrigation dikes and channels near Merano

In Dorf Tirol you can walk along the Meraner irrigation channels and discover the region as you stroll beside these waters. An excellent activity for families!

Merano and environment Hotel in Dorf Tirol

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