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Merano and its surrounding region

Between palms and alms

Mediterranean flair and Alpine peaks are the defining characteristic of the spa city of Merano and its surroundings.

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The spa city of Merano

Merano is known for its mild Mediterranean climate and its pure, healthy air. Both Franz Kafka and the Austrian Empress Sissi "took the waters" in Merano and were charmed by the flair of the city.

With its new Thermae, Merano has come full circle to its traditional roots. The facility offers 25 pools, both indoor and outdoor, a sauna area, a fitness studio, a beauty and spa area and medical wellness.

Vineyards, Orchards, Castles and Mountain Peaks

Vineyards and orchards, imposing keeps and castles and majestic mountain peaks are typical of the Merano holiday region.

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Tips to enjoy Merano and its surroundings

Hotel Dorf Tirol

The Trauttmansdorff Botanical Gardens

A few years ago, they were designated the "most beautiful gardens in the world", which rather says it all. Let the sweet-smelling flowers, the interesting information stops and the art pavilions enchant you. The gardens also include the Museum of Tourism.

The Kränzel Labyrinth Garden

Here you can wander through 7 different gardens, hunting up some excellent vintages. The highlight is the labyrinth garden: while looking for the right way out, you may even find yourself.

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol

The Passeier Museum

Following in the footsteps of the freedom fighter Andreas Hofer, you can go to the Passeier Museum in the Val Passiria or Passeiertal. You will discover a trove of information about him as a person, the Tyrolean uprising against Napoleon and his heroism.

The Knottnkino, Nature's cinema

It offers a special backdrop to a thrilling film with an impressive main character: Nature herself.  Our suggestion: sit down, enjoy the quiet and watch. Quiet moments are usually the greatest and most intense experiences of our lives.

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol

The Partschinser Waterfall

About 100 m high, the waterfall in Parcines, or Partschins, is one of the highest and most spectacular falls in Alto Adige. At snowmelt, from mid-May to the end of June/beginning of July, 5,000 to 10,000 litres of water thunder over the falls every second.

Ancient larch trees in Ulten

The larch trees in Ulten are over 2000 years old. But it isn't only their age that is impressive - their trunks are 6-8 metres across.

Hotel Dorf Tirol
Hotel Dorf Tirol

The Versoaln

At the feet of Castle Katzenzungen in Prissiano, or Prissian bei Tisens, grows the largest grapevine in Europe and, probably, the oldest on Earth: the Versoaln. The vine is about 350 years old - its branches cover about 350 square metres of pergola.

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